NEW! In Vitro: Hannah Kline Mysteries Book 5 

In Vitro

The fifth exciting story of the Hannah Kline mystery series

Conceiving a second child is supposed to be easy but when Mother Nature refuses to cooperate, obstetrician Hannah Kline finds herself in the uncomfortable role of an infertility patient. Her in-vitro fertilization procedure is on schedule until her doctor disappears, and Hannah and her partner Detective Daniel Ross, are plunged into the middle of a murder investigation.

Dr. Louise Waldman was the well respected senior partner in a leading infertility practice, but Hannah and Daniel soon learn that Louise had an undercover life and dangerous secrets. While Daniel pursues the forensics and a domestic terrorism connection, Hannah investigates a shady business deal and an old romance turned sour. Both are determined to bring Louise’s killer to justice, but it isn’t easy to simultaneously solve a murder, plan a wedding, attempt a pregnancy and grieve for a friend and colleague.


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Hannah Kline Mystery Series
Book 1

Balancing a young daughter and a busy obstetrical practice, Hannah is barely holding it together when her life is shattered by the murder of her sister-in-law, Beth. Hannah becomes obsessed with the details of Beth’s life–and the secrets that may have led to a rendezvous with her killer.


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When a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon is found brutally murdered, his ex-wife–Hannah’s friend Sara–is on the suspect list. Hannah knows her old friend isn’t capable of murder and decides to do some investigating on her own.


Hannah Kline Mystery Series
Book 3

There’s been a shocking murder at the school of Hannah’s daughter, Zoe. When Hannah discovers a personal connection, she can’t help getting involved. After all, she has the inside track at the Waverly School and Zoe’s safety is at stake.


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Book 4

Obstetrician Hannah Kline’s fiance, LAPD Detective Daniel Ross, has been put in charge of a high profile investigation into the murder of a Nobel Prize winning professor of Astronomy. The suspects include an unhappy pregnant wife, jealous colleagues and disgruntled graduate students. Hannah discovers the crucial clue, but finds herself with conflicting loyalties.


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The LAst Resort: Sisters in Crime Los Angeles Anthology

LAst Resort (Sisters in Crime Los Angeles Anthology 2017

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Featuring “On Call for Murder,” a new Hannah Kline short story.

In this new short story, Hannah moves to Los Angeles from Boston to begin her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology. She assists celebrity doctor Charles Avery on a routine Cesarean Section, and is devastated when her patient develops unforeseen complications and dies. When Dr. Avery is shot to death in his office, Hannah realizes that more than one murder may have taken place and follows the clues to an unexpected solution.

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About Paula Bernstein

paula_bernstein3Paula Bernstein is an author who likes to think of herself as a multi-faceted career woman. She began her professional career as an academic chemist with a doctorate from Caltech. After realizing that she liked people far more than laboratory equipment, she went to Medical School and spent the next thirty years as a successful practicing obstetrician gynecologist.

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