About Paula

Paula Bernstein is the author of Potpourri, an eclectic collection of short stories spanning several genres, and of the five books in the Hannah Kline mystery series: Murder in the Family, Lethal Injection, Private School, The Goldilocks Planet and In Vitro . Before writing her novels, Paula began her professional career as an academic chemist with a doctorate from Caltech. After realizing that she liked people far more than laboratory equipment, she went to Medical School and spent the next thirty years as a successful practicing obstetrician gynecologist. Now that she is semi-retired she is busy editing and publishing her short stories and novels. Not surprisingly, her heroines are witty women in interesting professions from medicine, to physics to interior design.

Coming Soon-A New Hannah Kline Mystery featuring Detective Brenda Jordan

An unidentified murder victim is found in a homeless camp under the 405 freeway. When Detective Brenda Jordan is called to the scene, she recognizes the victim as a trans-man, and the murder as, most likely, a hate crime. With her partner, Detective Daniel Ross, and his wife, Dr. Hannah Kline, taking a week off to get to know a new family member, Brenda is on her own.  She must [...]

A New Short Story

The Queen of Mean I've recently published a new short story, The Queen of Mean, in the 2021 Sisters in Crime LA Anthology, Avenging Angelenos. In this story, an emergency room physician encounters her old high school nemesis during the Covid pandemic, and contemplates a revenge she was unable to orchestrate as a teenager. The anthology is a collection of stories about protagonists bent on avenging past wrongs. It is [...]

Save the Date

I'm one of the co-Chairs for the California Crime Writer's Conference. This year it will be VIRTUAL and FREE on Saturday June 12th 2021. We have some terrific, best-selling, diverse authors for panels and workshops. I'll be moderating a panel: Some Like it Hot: Adding Romance and Sex to Your Mysteries. For more details and to register go to CCWConference.org.

Happy Holidays

2020 has been a difficult year for all of us. The only good thing I can say about being under virtual house arrest since March, is that is has given me plenty of time to write. Murder is a Nightmare was published this year and I am half way through the next novel in the Hannah Kline series. This one will be about a hate crime, and will feature Detective [...]

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Sisters in Crime LA–House Arrest

Please join me on August 20th at 7 PM PST for House Arrest. I will be reading from my newest novel, Murder is a Nightmare. You don't have to be a Sisters in Crime member to attend. Mix your favorite drink and relax with a group of entertaining authors. Register at sistersincrimela.com/housearrest

A New Hannah Kline Mystery-Murder is a Nightmare

My newest mystery features Hannah Kline's best friend, Dr. Andrea Marcus in a psychological thriller. Meet Dr. Andrea Marcus. She’s a Psychiatrist ,  Dr. Hannah Kline’s closest friend, and she has a problem. She’s just accepted a new patient, and she’s taken an instant dislike to him. Patient, Blake Harris, is narcissistic, arrogant, and controlling. He’s in therapy under protest, because his recurrent nightmares are interfering with his sleep, and [...]

Another Fabulous Writer’s Retreat

Our Writer's Group with Leader Linda Schreyer (seated) at the Ojai Inn For the past eight years, the same group of six women have been meeting once a year, under the leadership of editor and writing teacher Linda Schreyer, to share and critique our work. After all this time, we know one another's work, characters and lives so well, that feedback is easy and productive. We've always chosen tranquil settings, [...]

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How to Find a Cover Artist

Have you ever wondered how to find the perfect artist for your cover? When I first self-published the Hannah Kline series, I had fun designing my own covers, but when Third Street Press took over my series and began publishing the second edition, we needed a professional. Fortunately the publisher had an artist she had worked with extensively, and he designed the first three covers and established the "brand." Then, [...]

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