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Blogger Gay Degani is doing a series on the sixteen authors featured in LAst Resort, the 2017 Sisters in Crime Anthology. This week features Paula Bernstein and an excerpt from her story On Call for Murder. 


The Rochelle Staab Questions asked of Paula Bernstein

What is the weirdest thing that ever happened to you in Los Angeles?

I’m not sure I’d use the word “weird” but the scariest thing that happened to me in Los Angeles occurred the day after the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. I was in the operating room performing a caesarian section. I’d just delivered the baby and was about to sew up the bleeding uterine incision when there was a huge aftershock and all the lights went out. I stood there in the pitch dark, trying to figure out how to get the bleeding under control and wondering how long it would take the hospital generator to kick in.

Do you have a yet-to-be realized L.A. dream?

I dream that someone will invent a Star Trek transporter device that will make it possible to get from Brentwood to Pasadena in five minutes instead of in an hour of stop and go traffic.

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“5 stars = Deeply Moving”

“The combination of crisp prose, deft plotting, and a story from the heart make this mystery irresistible.” – Catriona McPherson-Muliple award winning author of Strangers at the Gate

Murder in the Family is a great mystery that explores how much but how little we know about our friends. A sister in law helps solve the mystery of her friend and dead husband’s sister, finding a renewal for herself. Mystery, romance, and insight into a woman’s mind, this has it all.” – Judy G. Spivey

“Will certainly try to read the next in the series”

“[Murder in the Family] was based on a true story…Remembering all that as I read gave me a stronger appreciation of where this novel had its roots, and I think I enjoyed it all the more. I will certainly try to read the next in the series, Lethal Injection.” – Mysteries in Paradise


“Terrific crime-solving duo!”

From the first sentence, “It was three o’clock in the morning and I was drenched in blood,” to the last, Lethal Injection is a delight. It kept me guessing as well as invested in the lives of the main characters who are trying to become a couple…Doctor Hannah and Detective Daniel make a terrific team…I hope I will be reading more about this attractive and smart crime-solving duo soon.” – Brook Philipse


“Conflict is key in any good story, and here you have a homicide detective working a case that involves a pregnant patient of his fiancée. Talk about relationship challenges! Added to this is a top caliber mystery that utilizes the author’s medical background and will make us pay more attention to what’s in our coffee cups!” – Laurie Stevens, author of the Gabriel McRay suspense series


“Bernstein has written a smart, compelling mystery set in the fascinating world of fertility medicine. With so many believable suspects, In Vitro will keep you guessing right to the end.”– Mary Marks, bestselling author of the Quilting Mystery series.

“Great Read. Every Sentence Propels You Forward.”

“The fast paced interplay between the obstetrician Hannah and her fiance detective Daniel, balanced with family life and romance, is difficult to resist. It is next to impossible to put Paula Bernstein’s mysteries down, which is why I don’t dare start one when I am in the midst of a project. My only disappointment, when I finish her latest book ( In Vitro) is that now I have to wait for her next one. Keep them coming.”-Gamine


“I adore Agatha Christie and this was a North American version of her style. The real murderer was a surprise and the tension throughout kept me reading. So fun!” – Honeymoon Reviewer

Interview With Paula

Omni Mystery News Logo-960pxOmni Mystery News QA image-author-interview-200px

“We are delighted to welcome author Paula Bernstein to Omnimystery News today.”

Paula’s fourth mystery to feature obstetrician Hannah Kline is The Goldilocks Planet (M&Z Press; September 2015 trade paperback and ebook formats) and we recently had the opportunity to spend some time with her talking about the series.

Omnimystery News: Introduce us to the cast of recurring characters in your Hannah Kline mysteries.
Paula Bernstein: My heroine is Dr. Hannah Kline, a hard working and successful Los Angeles obstetrician. As the series begins, Hannah has been widowed for five years, and is the mother of a precocious four year old daughter named Zoe. Like many professional women, she struggles to balance her professional life with her family, leaving little time for relationships or romance.

Read the full interview at OmniMystery News.

Hannah Kline Mystery Series
Book 1

Balancing a young daughter and a busy obstetrician practice, Hannah Kline is barely managing to hold it all together. When her bright, beautiful sister-in-law is brutally murdered, Hannah’s life is thrown further into chaos–and drawn deeper into a murder investigation she can’t turn away from.

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Hannah Kline Mystery Series
Book 2

When a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon is found brutally murdered, his ex-wife–Hannah’s friend Sara–is on the suspect list. Hannah knows Sara isn’t capable of murder and decides to investigate on her own. In the meantime, an increasingly desperate killer is killing again, and again.

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Hannah Kline Mystery Series
Book 3

There’s been a shocking murder at the school of Hannah’s daughter, Zoe. When Hannah discovers a personal connection, she can’t help getting involved. After all, she has the inside track at the Waverly School and Zoe’s safety is at stake.


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Hannah Kline Mystery Series
Book 4

Obstetrician Hannah Kline and her fiancé, LAPD Detective Daniel Ross, have just started house hunting when Daniel is put in charge of a high profile murder investigation of a Nobel Prize winning astronomy professor. Who would want to kill him? Hannah has an idea.

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Hannah Kline Mystery Series
Book 5

Conceiving a second child is supposed to be easy, but when Mother Nature refuses to cooperate, obstetrician Hannah Kline finds herself in the uncomfortable role of an infertility patient. Her in-vitro fertilization procedure is on schedule until her doctor disappears, and Hannah and her fiancé, Detective Daniel Ross, are plunged into the middle of a murder investigation.

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Hannah Kline Mystery Series
Book 6

It was supposed to be a perfect romantic honeymoon for Hannah and her new husband Daniel at a charming B&B famous for its celebrity chef.
No sooner do they arrive than the chef is found dead in the kitchen and they encounter a woman from Daniel’s past who threatens their new marriage.
There are only seven guests and three staff at the B&B and one of them happens to be the killer. Can Hannah and Daniel solve the crime before someone else becomes a victim?

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Hannah Kline Mystery Series
Book 7

Meet Dr. Andrea Marcus. She’s a psychiatrist, Dr. Hannah Kline’s closest friend, and she has a problem. She’s just accepted a new patient, and she’s taken an instant dislike to him. Blake Harris is narcissistic, arrogant and controlling. He’s in therapy under protest, because his recurrent nightmares are interfering with his sleep and his job as the CEO of a pharmaceutical start-up company. Blake is also sexually obsessed with his new therapist.

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